aOS – The Aaron Operating System (Web application)


On this article we are discussing about the Aaron OS (aOS) which is a free web application available for running on your Google Chrome Browser. Cool right ! This aOS – website was developed by Aaron Adams currently doing  course on Computer Programming & Science at Pinnacle High School and he currently lives in Phoenix,Arizona US.

How to run this aOS application ?

You can use this web application by accessing it using its web address on your Browser address bar.It will take 10 – 60 seconds to load this application on to your browser. Once the loading is complete you will be taken to the Desktop like interface where you can try the awesome tools and features built by the developer.

Although many other web browsers supports this web application,it is recommended to use with Google Chrome browser for smooth performance and usability of all the features included in this application. In future we can expect support for all other popular browsers like Safari,Firefox etc,.

Click this link to access this website now.

Now lets take a look at the coding languages that the developer used to build this heavy high end browser application.

The coding languages,

  • HTML (basic)
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

It took 3 years to build this application with more than 12000 lines of code and the developer is updating the application every day with more improvements and features.Please comment below on this post about your thoughts and experience on using this heavily scripted application.

You can contact the developer using the messaging feature available on this web application.Now lets take a look at some of the tools and features of this application.

  1.  JavaScript console
    Screenshot of aOS JavaScript console

    Screenshot of aOS JavaScript console

    aOS has a builtin basic JavaScript console window which helps you to run Javascript scripts on your browser.

  2. Text editor
    Screenshot of aOS text editor

    Screenshot of aOS text editor

    aOS provides a basic text editor which help you to save text using this application and it will be saved to the cache memory and you can access it even later until you clear your browser cache. You can get the saved files using the File explorer available on the aOS application.

  3.  File explorer
    Screenshot of aOS File explorer window

    Screenshot of aOS File explorer window

    The file manager gives access to your cache files where you can find the files of Builtin apps,files used for User interface and the files added by end users.

    Note : All files will be permanently deleted if you clean your browser cache.

  4. PNG screensaver
    Screenshot of aOS PNG uploader

    Screenshot of aOS PNG uploader

    Using this tool you can upload and save images to the Aaron OS server and you can access them via File Manager.

  5. Internet browser
    Screenshot of aOS internet browser

    Screenshot of aOS browser

    Using this tool you can browse the internet.

    The list of all other apps included in this web application is given below.

  6. TI-83+ simulator
  7. App maker
  8. Calculator
  9. Search
  10. Image editor
  11. Change calculator
  12. Messaging
  13. Camera
  14. Music visualizer
  15. Settings
  16. Apps browser
  17. Sticky notes
  18. Magnifier
  19. Games

That’s it,it now your turn to explore this application and make a proper use of it.I hope this article was useful to you to discover this amazing complex application.Thanks for reading my first blog post. Cheers!

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